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Re: et revoilà le général! pas de division, mais d'addition (s)!!

be careful what you say, i explained exactly what i have done in the tokai forum discussion, and why it was done, i may swop the maple neck back onto the ds-200 as i now think that it was the original neck..    It will still be described as mint but still not ''all original'' as i believe the PG is changed along with the knobs...... 

anyone who has asked me directly about that guitar has been told that there is, at the moment, a non original neck....  nothing hidden.. its not put in the description because as i said i may well swop it back at some time.. 

of course its far easier just to post defamatory remarks than to ask me about it directly..   otherwise a lot of people would have nothing to troll about..

I try to describe everything to the best of my knowledge, if you bothered to read the whole of the tokai forum post you will see with these duncan strats that can be very difficult as they were made in such limited quantities and with varying specs depending on the year, so before anyone starts accusing me of misrepresenting things please get the facts right.. 

If it says all original its all original, if it doesn't then its not, its quite simple..  for anyone who is actually interested in buying a guitar and contacts me directly, I can give a lot more detail than I can write in a brief description on my site..   

so before you start accusing me of anything, try asking me directly..   

It really pisses me off when people like the original poster who have never bought anything off me, start accusing me of things which are defamatory, and in some cases libellous,

I dont mind being criticised about my prices, re the greco SS-700 buy it or dont buy it, thats your choice, have a moan about how expensive my guitars are, thats your perogative, but please do not suggest I am misrepresenting guitars, or somehow ripping off people, because that is simply untrue,

I have a 100% feedback on ebay,

I sold over 140 guitars last year,  I offer an exchange on every one..   thats how confident i am of the guitars i sell,

last year out of over 140 guitars sold  i had 3 exchanged, one because i made an error on the weight, so i paid for the return postage and the new postage, and 2 because the buyer did not like the neck size, all 3 were exchanged immediately..   Thats how I do business..  my buyers satisfaction with the guitar comes first..   


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